Why Road Racing?

I’m a fan of speed…

Sure a lot of guys are. But how did motorcycle road racing become a passion for me? Well to be honest as a older guy this particular passion has come late. For years I played around with a number of forms of racing. I did the usual motocross and dirt thing as a youngster. I always loved drag racing so I followed that across the years but was never very active. Like a lot of folks I watched NASCAR and the roundy-round series and enjoyed it. And open wheeled carried some attraction both the dirt and asphalt versions but it never was a big draw for me.

Growing up in the northern New York countryside during the 70’s there really was not much in the way of motorcycle road racing going on. No one in the family was involved, you never saw any on T.V  and it was not in the news at all. But in the stores there were magazines on the sport and I always looked at them when I had the chance. The images of those exotic bikes seemed so alien but beautiful at the same time. The riders with their knees dragging, the bikes with those swept back fairings seemed to quietly whisper…” I am fast, I’ll bite you if your not careful!” I really loved that…

As the years went by more important thing took over my life and I never followed my heart. I did some dirt racing and filled my need for speed with hot rods and the regular car guy stuff. but the images never left my head and I still always turned my head when a sport bike went by. It wasn’t until just a couple years ago that I went to my first road race… and there was no fooling myself. i was hooked and like a river the passion has poured forth ever since. I live and breath this sport now. I can’t stop thinking about the sport and as I look around the scene I am jealous of the guys who have been a part of it for years.

But I won’t let the past get me down. I will try to make up for the lost time by learning all I can and soon be chasing the rabbit myself. In the meantime I hope I can give the sport some well deserved props and high-lite those who make this passion real. There are so many individuals who are the backbone and reason club road racing is so strong. All over the country are hundreds of racers and the necessary supporting cast member that make race day happen. The community is so much larger than I ever imagined. To be a part of this collection of like minded speed freaks is so satisfying.

So now I have come full circle. The young boy standing in Woolworth’s thumbing through a magazine with starry eyes to a confirmed road racing fan. Sometimes it all just comes together!

So that’s my story… What’s yours?


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