Comet Leathers review Part II




     So it’s been several months now and the season is over…. I spent the past year trying my best to get up to speed and do some racing. Not everything went as planned. So many roadblocks and life happens and all that. I did not compete this year but was able to get some trackdays in and it gave me a chance to break in my new Comet leathers.
Riding a motorcycle on the street in the summer and early fall months in Texas and Oklahoma can be brutal. Mostly you just twist the throttle and keep moving to stay cool. Stopping at a light or waiting on traffic just gives your little sweat rivers a chance start flowing again. You learn to appreciate the minor breezes that come along every so often and how to manage your stops so your in the shade of a tree or tall building…. yeah it get’s kinda hot!
So when your a track junkie and you spend a bit of time on the grids you hope you have a good suit that is made to keep you cool as possible. And that where I’ll start on my thoughts on my Comet suit.
When Karl sent me the suit I was impressed with the quality. Stitching was sound and the fit was very good… I’ve already made mention of that in my previous posting. But over the course of a few trackdays the suit quality showed itself in different ways.. First and very importantly was the suits ability to breath. I don’t care what suit you wear your going to get hot. But with many brands getting upto speed does little because they don’t let any airflow through. A good suit will though and the Comet suit’s construction, with perforations in the right places and the excellent little air inlets on the shoulders did wonders to allow this suit to help me maintain a consistent body temp through the course of a trackday. I was still hot but is was very bearable and I can see me using the suit in endurance conditions… The liner held up well and even with the back protector and a cool belt on it didn’t rip or pull away from the suit inner. I usually wear body armor and a compression suit as well so there’s a lot going on that the suit had to deal with. But I had no real issues and was pleased on that front.
As for the suits wear performance after the initial break in the suit was very comfortable. I was worrying that the seams would be stiff and rub me in the joints but I saw none of that and the stitching has held up very well. I have not gone down in this suit so I have no stories to tell on the protection front but I will say that if the suit performs as well as it has in that situation I should find no issues there. The zippers are all working like they should, the Velcros are holding well and the suits leather is becoming very supple and soft… all in all I’m very happy with the product and have been happy to tell others when asked if I’m satisfied that the answer is a definite YES! If there any negative to report it’s not about the suit but I have lost some inches this year and the suit is slightly loose fitting now.. a few beers and extra helpings this holiday season should take care of that!
This coming competitive season will turn out different hopefully. I have gotten in the position to compete and be able to do so often. That is going to be the real test on this suit but I’m confident in the suit’s quality so I don’t expect anything other than good performance and service from it. In my opinion and if you asked i would tell you the Comet product is the real deal. I have and will recommend the products to other track riders and will continue to do so. Karl deserves props for putting these suit out there at and affordable price. I find them comparable to suits cost much more and think if Comet continues to do business in this way they will be around for quite awhile…
Thanks Karl and keep up the good work. 009


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