Help Save the Racing at Texas World Speedway

On March 27 the City of College Station will be asked to make a decision which may change the face of College Station forever. In doing so the impact will be felt across the country and every corner of the racing community. We all will be affected..

This is from a local news agency:
“The College Station City Council will be asked March 27 to approve a $513 million dollar development that will eventually replace the Texas World Speedway.
While outside the south city limits, the proposed “Speedway District” is within the extra-territorial jurisdiction.
The developer is asking for the creation of a Municipal Utility District (MUD).”

Now these are our feelings on this……

“Texas World Speedway, which is far, far from “unused, slowly returning to the earth”. While it’s true that the OVAL is no longer used, TWS is the most popular road course in Texas for amateur/club racing, hosting SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMWCCA, NARRA, CMRA, ChumpCar and LeMons races, as well as multiple HPDE events. The 2.9-mile road course is booked every weekend though the year.
Some interesting history of the super oval: Mario Andretti set a closed course speed record here at 214 mph that stood in the Guinness Book of World records for twelve years. Jeff Andretti later set an unofficial record of 234.5 mph in a practice run. Just a few years ago, Greg Biffle ran a lap at 218 during testing. NASCAR teams have since passed on testing here due to the surface and the fact that the track is too fast without Safer Barrier to be run safely.
However, the road course – which utilizes only the main straight of the oval – remains very active and extremely popular with racers all over the country. The pavement is wide and the track is fast, with 7 of the 15 turns banked from 2 to 8 degrees. All of the old barriers have been removed and the runoff areas are smooth and open making for a safe track.
Texas World Speedway has and continues to launch racing “careers” each year, whether they remain as hobbyists or advance to the professional level.”

The above is a post left by a anonymous TWS official on a message board in response to a story about the demise of TWS. It rings true in every way. Even as this is written there are individuals who came to TWS to learn the art of racing and are now racing at every level in the field. Generations of families from every corner of the world have come to the Speedway and made it their home..
Without the opportunities this great track created, without the great history it holds within it’s oval boundaries the land it is built on would be nothing more than dirt…

This is a recent quote from a fan who just found out about the track’s possible demise… ” My first visit to TWS was in the mid seventies with my dad watching indy cars, USAC stock cars, and NASCAR. I got to see Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, and so many talented racers on four and two wheels. Super fond memories that will always be part of me. TWS has always been a great spot to race, camp, and enjoy everyone’s company. Again, great memories.
Let’s enjoy it while we can (if this comes to pass).”

How many young men and women could have been just as likely to say the same thing?  How many will never get that chance if the Council votes to pursue a plan that leads to the eventual destruction of another great piece of Texas and racing history?
The City of College Station and the surrounding community has been supported in untold ways by the fans, owners and racers as they participated in over 40 years of Texas flavored racing.

Don’t be fooled… if Texas World Speedway falls there will never again be another like it. There will be a void in the community that no shopping mall or cluster of houses can fill. The entity that Texas World Speedway is.. the spirit of historic racing… the sounds, sights and smells… all that has made College Station a mecca, a destination for tens of thousands. All that will never be again.
So join our voice in asking the members of the Council to take heed of this petition. Your signature is your chance to add weight to the  growing number of like minded individuals who feel that the Council should consider seriously the long term effects their decision will have on College Station. The choice is simple… create opportunity while building on the long history of the Speedway.
Or choose to join in a long list of communities who sold their soul and history and became another nameless, never-ending patchwork of unconnected housing developments.

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Saving The Racing at TWS