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John Ellwood's Hybrid   A motorcycle dream turned reality!
    Take a look at what it means to truly be "outside the box" when Soonerbillz get a chance to talk to one of the premiere engine builders of our time!
    He builds his own.... from scratch!   The Hybrid Motor is a one of a kind wonder.. check it out here

How the love of racing became a business

As I walk the paddocks of the CMRA race events I kind of feel like I've been invited to a private bike show. Row after row of racing eye candy swims before me...
 I love looking over the mechanical craftsmanship and obvious modifications that separate these machines from street bikes. One after another, side by side, sitting on the stands are stock new model rides and all out high performance rockets. With their fairings covered with the meticulously applied decals and their tires in warmers waiting for action.... you walk by them but you can't help but see the custom craftwork in the designs and the quality of the finish in those decals.... in the paint work and in the way they make the bikes look like they are moving at speed even when standing still....more... 

So what's it take to be an Idiot?
2012 CMRA Big Bike endurance  team champions
The Villige Idiots start the new season at full throttle.

 Village Idiots (left to right) : Garet Tomlinson, Chris Headley, John Orchard, Brandon Cleland. Photo by Marian Orchard.

When the smoke cleared.....
           after the opening weekend for the CMRA big bike endurance series one thing was clear... The Village Idiots were again the team to beat!
 The team, featuring riders's John Orchard,Chris Headley,Brandon Cleland and newcomer Garet Tomlinson aboard their freshly rebuilt Yamaha YZF-R6 claimed the top spot in the series opener beating out the very capable 212 Decals.com team who were running a GSX-R1000.  There no doubt the season looks like it's going to be just as exciting as 2012 was and I for one can't wait to watch all the action and see who is going to "bring it" and challenge the champs for top honors at season's end!

Soonerbillz was honored to get the inside scoop on how the Villige Idiots first run panned out and a glimpse at what it takes to be a top notch endurance team. Thanks to John Orchard for sharing his thoughts on the win and my gratitude to Marian Orchard for letting us share some of the great shots she took of the team.

SBZ-  Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! 2012 was a very good year for The Village Idiots. The Nordco Team gave Village Idiots a run for the money but in the end you came in on top! Congratulations!
What changes and preparations did you take for the 2013 season?
Idiots- We spent the winter prepping the Village Idiot "A" bike. It's essentially the same bike as last year, but it's been freshened up with a new motor and many other bits that tend to wear during an endurance season. Also new for 2013 is the addition of Garet Tomlinson to the roster.
SBZ- Blake Cochran was very important to the teams success last year. I'm sure you'll miss him.  And Garet seemed to have rode well this past meet.
Idiots- Garet has more racing experience than anyone we've ever added to the team, and we're all good friends, so he was a natural fit to replace Blake Cochran who decided  to hang it up after 2012. Garet has proven to be a fast, yet reliable rider over the past several years, and that's exactly what we look for in an endurance teammate.
SBZ- The opening round saw quite a few very good teams in the BBE grid. Can you share your thoughts on the strategy you used to gain an edge and what were the results.
Idiots- We followed our normal strategy, which is to have each rider ride long enough to save a pit stop. That strategy worked perfectly for us right up until the red flag came out where we saw our 1 minute 30 second lead evaporate. Newest Idiot Garet took the restart to finish his stint as he had only been out about 50 minutes and he was riding well. The restart saw 212 Decal.com and the Village Idiots restart the race with all things tied up. Garet however just put his head down and inched out a few seconds each lap until he recaptured our lead and continued to pull away out pacing the 1000 cc bike of 212 with some fantastic riding. By the time the Village Idiot fuel light came on the Idiots had a comfortable lead to hand to fellow Idiot John Orchard to finish up the final 45 minutes of the race. Knowing that the 212 team had to pit at least one more additional time, and that the Idiots pace was as fast as anyone on the track we were very confident in our chance to win the event!

SBZ- Well no doubt the results speak for themselves
SBZ- Very exciting! Glad to see your team did so well and congratulations on the win!
Would you like to give a shout out to the folks who made the win and your efforts possible?
Idiots- We would like to thank our long time sponsors as well as a few new ones who stand by us time and time again - we're proud to use and promote their products and we wouldn't be here without them! RaceworX, Dunlop, Woodcraft, MotoLiberty, M4 Exhaust, Totally Graphic Designs (have you seen our bike this year??!!), Lone Star Track Days, Scorpion Helmets, Whoopie Cycles and Race Engine Services with Steve Upchurch!!
Well there you have it folks..
Again no doubt The Village Idiots are hot on the grid again, newly christened team-mate Garet Tomlinson has what it takes to be an "Idiot" and we get another chance to see some top notch CMRA endurance racing! What more could you ask for?

  Both here in the USA and around the world club style motorcycle roadracing is a hotbed of talent. There are hundreds of grassroots road racing organizations that cater all kinds of racing from vintage racing to world class GP racing.  Club riders and the supporting cast that fills out the membership ranks are some of the mosted talented and experianced in the world.
 Probably one of the best run organizations offering club road racing is the CMRA.
 And one of the finest racers ever to sport a CMRA badge is Ty Howard.
Ty Howard has been a staple in the club and pro racing scenes for years and his success is well documented. From the mid 1980's to the present Ty has raced tracks ranging from dirt flat track to the most modern,fastest asphalt road race courses in the U.S. 
                              Soonerbillz is proud to get Ty Howard "Inside the Grid"      Read the full story here            

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