"Racing is living, everything else is just waiting" Steve McQueen
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About Soonerbillz
Welcome to the world of Soonerbillz!
Soonerbillz is a three part enterprise that is designed to inform, entertain and promote the world of motorcycle racing. 

What is Club Racing?...
 Where are the grassroots of motorcycle racing. It's in the clubs.
  Where all the famous racers started. Where a rider no matter what level of skill,can find that special thrill of testing the limits of themselves and their machines. Dirt, road or the strip it does not matter... the urge is still the same. To be the fastest, the best...the winner.
Whether you are a rider of modern machines or vintage bikes from back in the day, there is a club for you. There are clubs all over the world that cater to every form and level of motorcycle racing. From the original road racing that is the breed apart...where it all started to the most modern of machines churning through dirt tracks or climbing Pikes Peak.

 And that's what you will find here at Soonerbillz.com

Here you will find those devoted trackday riders, weekend racers and the fans that come back month after month and year after year to watch and participate in some of the most exciting racing in the world.
 Here at Soonerbillz.com we hope to build a portal to all that club racing is...The clubs... the tracks and the people. 

The three sites that make up Soonerbillz Enterprises are:

 This is the place where we post and promote the sport and do whatever we can to give fans a different take on the people, places and things that make up the world of club road racing. On Soonerbillz.com you will find stories, links to other sites and clubs and generally connect with the world of motorcycle racing.

Soonerbillz Racing News:
 This great service is the way we keep fans informed of the latest happenings in the world of motorcycle racing!
Soonerbillz racing News is a link based aggregate site where we link to all the latest news and publish original content and stories too! We promise that you will never have to deal with pop up ads (or any kind of advertising for that matter) when all you want is to see, read or browse the latest and greatest news in motorcycle racing!

Soonerbillz Trading Post:
  Soonerbillz Trading Post is a commercial venture we started to give folks a place where they could buy and sell items in a safe, secure manner that is fast, free of annoying ads and has a host of options. While the site is geared toward the motoring world anyone and just about anything can be found or offered for sale on this great site..
 Come join the fun!

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