What is Soonerbillz Endurance Racing



What is Soonerbillz Racing?

Who is Soonerbillz Racing?

Soonerbillz Racing is an amateur lightweight motorcycle endurance road racing team.

Soonerbillz Racing  is a team of four men trying to compete, learn and build skills as endurance road racers.

We adnittantly are a grassroots team,.

A few years ago..it started started with an old bike purchased as a box of parts… and wehave steadily worked to build a solid, capable team.  We are fresh..and we are novices at this racing game still.. but we are determined..

With some believing fans..some luck and a lot of hard work..we have added some new equipment this year.. and with those blessings..have now positioned ourselves to be truly a competitive team.

Soonerbillz Racing is based out of the Northeast Oklahoma hills by Claremore, Oklahoma

What is Lightweight endurance racing?

It’s just what it sounds like…. Soonerbillz Racing, as a team compete in a series of long distance races on closed asphalt road racing courses.

These courses are located throughout the southern states of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  The competitions last anywhere from 6 to 8 hour lengths. These competitions are a grueling test of our personal conditioning , skill and of course our motorcycles…

We compete in every kind of weather… in the cold early spring.. in the brutal summer sun and in the worst of wet weather too… our brand of racing is not for the faint hearted.. maintaining the fast pace an endurance race demands is not an easy thing… for hours at a time your confidence and awareness…your skill and your strength are being tested to the the fullest.

Endurance racing is the toughest test any motorcycle racer can participate in… Podium wins are not always the measure of success… more times than not.. to finish at all may be the most treasured trophy..

Our team will be racing in the Ultra Lightweight series.. specifically the E SuperStock classes. The machines we use are Kawasaki EX250 twin cylinder sport bikes. these bikes are relatively stock with only certain modifications allowed to the exhaust, controls and bodywork. attention to detail is the key for machine reliability.. and reliability is the key to success…

While all out performance is a staple of racing.. in endurance racing you need to be fast but more times than not.. it’s not the fastest who wins.. it’s the better prepared, more reliable machine that comes across first.

Soonerbillz Racing is always looking for a win.. but to finish each and every race is our #1 priority.  to give our competitors a run for their money and create some excitement for our fans…

We thank you for the chance to entertain you. And we hope you become our fans and follow our season as it rolls out.. Come for the ride and catch the racing spirit.. Soonerbillz racing style!

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