Robert Lackey


Robert Lackey #888

Team Captain

Teamsmanship..“The characteristic of one denoted as a “good” team player… one who exhibits thoughtfulness in the spirit of group function… one who is willing to sacrifice for the overall success on the team”

Rob returns to Soonerbillz Racing for his second year. After a terrific showing of his riding ability and proving his willingness to do anything needed for the team to succeed.. Rob has been named team captain for 2017.

 We look forward to Rob’s continued growth as both a racer and teammate.

“I am thrilled to be returning to Soonerbillz Racing for the 2017 season! I’m quite honored that Scott Finning and the team have named me Team Captain for the upcoming season.  I would like to thank Scott for his work in putting this team together and building some unconventional yet capable motorcycles. Racing motorcycles has been a dream of mine literally for as long as I can remember, and Scott has been a big part of helping me fulfill this dream. This year we hope to campaign at least one Soonerbillz Racing bike in ULW Sprints in addition to the ULW Endurance Series. I have elected to forego my involvement in the big bike sprints and focus on campaigning a Finning-built EX250 (of course) in ULW sprints. I’m very excited to see what the bike is capable of and possibly give some input to make it an even more capable machine.”

I want to thank my wife Tosha and my four amazing children for their patience and support during my racing venture. Also thanks to BG Products for their support in 2016 and into next season.” 

Amatuer Motorcycle Racing ESS CMRA Endurance Team