Soonerbillz Trading Post User Guidelines

   Welcome to Soonerbillz Trading Post.

 At the Trading Post we strive for our members to be able to easily and comfortably conduct business in a hassle-free environment.

 The Trading Post believes simplicity and clarity should be the hallmark of an successful online auction site. . We understand how frustrating it can be to use a site that has dozens of scenarios how a sale is completed and the fees for selling is calculated. So in keeping with that sentiment we have tried to make the way Soonerbillz Trading Post operates as easy to understand and as easy to use as possible.  

 We believe you will find the site fees  quite low and the structure easy to use for everyone. Your success in selling or buying with ease is what we want you to experience and at the same time do whatever we have to ensure your safety while conducting business on Soonerbillz Trading Post.

Understanding Our Policies

  The every first thing you should do is make sure you have read both the Terms of Use and the Acceptable Use Policy. These terms and policies are there to protect all parties involved in the use of Soonerbillz Trading Post. Every Buyer & Seller has a right to expect a good solid legal footing to work on. They also should expect to have privacy and safety policies in place to protect them from unscrupulous members. We have put in place the terms and policies we think will do just that. We here at Soonerbillz expect everyone to act in a honest, moral and grown up manner. We understand there is those out there who are do not have the capability or desire to. The terms, conditions and policies are pretty exhaustive and not every instance of them will be applicable to every person on an everyday basis. But we tried to cover as many eventualities as we could and still maintain a simple set of rules and policies.

  Finally read our Privacy Policy. There will find out how and when we use your information,  how and when we collect that information and how it is stored. You also will find out what you can expect in the way our sharing and safeguarding that information. Your privacy is important to you and it is to us as well. We will do everything we can to keep unauthorized entities from gaining access to our members private information.

Terms of Use – Acceptable Use Policy – Privacy Policy

Operational Guidelines

Becoming a member:

 Your first action to become a member of Soonerbillz Trading Post is to open an account. When you enter the site you will see the link to create an account and that link will take you to a page where you will be required to fill out some information. The items required include:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • PayPal Email Address
  • User Phone contact

The shipping address must match the address you have registered with PayPal. This is to ensure you are covered in case of a dispute in shipping with another customer. All information must be supplied. Certain information can not be changed once entered so be sure to put exactly the correct information when filling out the form. If you make a mistake you will need to contact administration to correct the problems.

 You can contact us here:

When you complete the form you be required to check off that you have read the Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy and the Privacy Policy. You then will be required to put in a box your initials as a double check indicating your affirmative agreement to the terms and any other legal notices before you will be granted the use of the site’s services.

Auction  procedures

As a member of Soonerbillz Trading Post you may list items for sell and you may bid or purchase items via the “Buy it Now” option.

  Bidding is just like any other normal auction. You find the item you want to buy, you place a bid on the item and the site places the bid for you at starting bidding amount (if you are the first bidder) or if there has already been a bid made you will need to make a bid a minimum of $1.00 more than the amount the item is at the moment. When the auction listing time is over(preset by the seller) the buyer who has the highest bid at that time wins the auction and a payment can processed.

  If you want to forgo the auction process and just purchase the item and the seller has chosen to list the item with a “Buy it Now” option then all the buyer has to do is select the button for that option and the sale will be complete. The buyer can then go forward with the payment process.

Payment methods:

  There are several ways to pay for items on the Trading post.

1)  PayPal:

  Payment via your Paypal account is easily done through the system. Just click on the “Pay By PayPal” button and you will be taken to PayPal’s site to complete the transaction. With Paypal, whether you are a seller or a buyer you are covered by Paypal’s suite of protection policies. Paypal has changed mightily over the years and is at the moment a very secure, trustworthy partner of online transaction participants. For this reason we have incorporated Paypal as the premiere payment portal for Soonerbillz Trading Post.

With Paypal you have a number of choices for your item purchases:

  • Instant Purchase: This is the classic method. You pay via Paypal and you account is debited immediately.       

See more

  • Paypal Credit: You can purchase items with a virtual credit line assigned to you by Paypal. 

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  •  Pay after Delivery: This is Paypal’s version of COD(cash on delivery) This method allows you up to 14 days to pay for an item after you have received it.

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2)  Virtual Currency:

   The Virtual Currency(Credit) account system is a fully secure internal financial traction system. All members on registration are assigned a personal account. The Credit account can only be accessed via your Soonerbillz Trading Post member account. To use the account you will first need to fund your Credit account. Do this by going to your member account menu then press the Payments button.  You will be offered  several options. Select the Deposit Money option and follow the steps to use funds from your PayPal account to fund your new Virtual Currency account. You can then use the Credits in your account to purchase items, buy or renew seller memberships or to pay for any special options  such as Featured listings and extra images for listings. You can check your balances, see completed transactions or request withdrawals on that same page. 

3) Escrows:  

  As a buyer you may use the Purchase by Escrow method as well. As with any other escrow service this method retains a 3rd party to retain or hold the funds selected for an item purchase. The funds are released to the seller only after the buyer’s conditions are met and the buyer has notified the 3 party as such.     When escrow services are selected the buyer  and the seller enter into an agreement where Soonerbillz Trading Post becomes that 3rd party. Escrow service is only available to user via the Virtual Currency (Credit) System. Users selecting Escrow service must maintain a fully funded Credit account.

(The Use of the Virtual Currency(Credits) system or entering into the Escrow agreement indicates that the member(user) does not hold Soonerbillz Enterprises responsible for any issues arising from defects or damage to any item, nor does the agreement hold Soonerbillz Enterprises liable for any issues involving the legality of the items or items and Soonerbillz Enterprises is not liable for any issues involving the shipping or transportation of the items or items.)

4)   COD Services:


COD payment & shipping services may be used to purchase items if your seller approves or accepts that as part of the transaction process. If the seller offer’s this service as a payment method Soonerbillz Trading Post will allow the seller to add an additional charge to offset that premium service charge. Sellers are required to post in the listing details these additional charges. 

  • To learn more about FEDEX COD go here
  • To learn more about UPS COD go here
  • To learn more about USPS COD go here

**Soonerbillz Enterprises and Soonerbillz Trading Post accepts no responsibility or liability for any funds transaction within any use of a COD payment & shipping service. All issues concerning transactions conducted within this service are  to resolved by the transaction parties and the chosen service provider.**

5) Cash or Bank Check:

You may use cash or normal banking methods outside of PayPal or the internal Credit system.  On the Payment page selection you may choose to add your bank information. When you select the Payment tab and follow the instructions to send a payment to a member you will be given the opportunity to chose your method of payment. All Cash and Bank transactions are purely informational and these types of transactions are to conducted in person or by mail service . You may also conclude the transaction via Paypal or other financial methods outside of the Trading Post systems.  Soonerbillz Trading Post will not consider the listing transaction to be completed until the Seller updates the Payment Marked as Paid as affirmative.

All transactions conducted outside of Soonerbillz Trading Post controls are to be considered unsecured. Be very careful when conducting such transactions as scams are very likely to occur using outside payment methods. Some guidelines to follow in these transactions are:

  • :Know your trading partner. Before completing an outside transaction learn about the member as much as you can.
  • :Never agree to meet a person to conduct a cash transaction in a private location. Always have someone you know and trust with you in these meetings.
  • :Do not deliver items or products paid via personal check, bank check or other easily manipulated financial objects until said object is determined to be genuine and capable of legitimate conversion to cash or other worthy vehicles.

Special payment notes:

Payment Gateways 

Soonerbillz Trading Post offers Paypal exclusively for all 3rd party online transaction payments. (Not withstanding the Virtual Currency(Credit) system.) It is our opinion that PayPal offers the most secure and easiest method available for conducting online monetary transactions. All members agree to maintain an active PayPal account so the transaction can be conducted properly.

 The only exception to this policy is the use of the “Firearms” parent category and it’s sub-categories.

  • Currently Soonerbillz Trading Post has not included these categories in the main auction site. Soonerbillz Enterprises reserves the right to do in the future if we feel it will benefit our community

PayPal does not allow the use of its service or logo for selling firearms, certain firearm parts or ammunition.

Use the following links to read the PayPal Acceptable use policy and PayPal’s FAQ about firearm sales. Using PayPal for payments associated with items that are prohibited by their Acceptable Use Policy may result in the suspension or closure of your PayPal account. If you have a question as to whether your product complies with PayPal’s policies, you can send an email to with a description of the product and a link to the URL where it is being sold.

Sadly most all of the major online payment services have banned firearm and ammunition payments. Using online payment services like PayPal could result in the payment being declined.

Soonerbillz Trading Post offers Firearm category  users the option to utilize out internal credit system for transactions in that category. Read more on the Trading Post credit system below. We also recommend the US Postal Service and the US Postal Money Order. Click here to read about US Postal Money Orders:


Soonerbillz Trading Post Virtual Credit System


Soonerbillz Trading Post offers it members a method for payment transactions outside of the normal PayPal system.

The Virtual Credit System is an internal payment transaction system that allows members to maintain a monetary balance on their Soonerbillz Trading Post account. Members can add funds to the account via Paypal and the use the funds to purchase items on the auction site. Members can withdraw the fund accumulated at any point by requesting a withdrawal. Funds withdrawn will be deposited into the members Paypal account.

Credit balances are available for viewing from the members account page. Credits can also be used to pay for any balance owed Soonerbillz Trading Post for services or fees. There are no fees charged for the use of the Virtual Credit System other than the  normal PayPal fees.  

*Disclaimer* Your use of the Virtual Credit System indicates you agree to hold Soonerbillz Enterprises, Soonerbillz Trading Post and any other affiliated entity or person harmless and at no time responsible for any injury or loss of any kind up to and including death that may be created by your use of the Virtual Credit System.  You agree not to enter into any transaction that is unlawful or breaches any other regulation of any federal, state or local jurisdiction.



 Shipping an item is one of the the most important steps for both parties. For the seller Soonerbillz Trading Post offers shipping options to make listing your items easier .  After a item has been sold both parties must communicate as to how the shipping will be completed. Optimally, all particulars should be addresses within the the listing descriptions for all prospective bidders to see before hand.

For more information on proper shipping procedures See here:

 Shipping information page


Listing an Auction:

 As a seller you have freedom to list any item that is appropriate for sale on Soonerbillz Trading Post.

 We do not ban very many items (see the list below) but you do have some responsibilities as a seller. As a seller your listing and actions should reflect a positive, affirmative answer to the following questions…

  •  Is my listing accurate?
  • Is my listing in good taste?
  • Is my listing fair to all parties involved?
  • Is my listing a legal, lawful action
  • Do I have the legal rights to the item?
  • Does my item follow all fair standards and practices for safety?
  • Does my listing represent Soonerbillz Trading Post in a positive manner?

 This list of questions does not encompass all the proper etiquette that you should adhere to when listing your items. You should consider the resultant impact possible both good and bad that your listing will have on your customer, your seller reputation and on the Soonerbillz Trading Post community at large. Use your good judgment and list properly and you will be successful!

Items not permitted for sale on Soonerbillz Trading Post

The following items are not permitted to be listed for sale on this site.

  • Firearms or firearm ammunition that is prohibited by any federal regulation against public possession or ownership.
  • Firearm systems, equipment and manufacturing tooling or equipment  that is prohibited by any federal regulation against public possession or ownership.
  • Explosives
  • Explosive devices
  • Explosives manufacturing equipment or material
  • Literature involving explosive weapon construction and theory
  • Literature deemed incendiary, provocative or promoting violence
  • Modern currency currently active and issued or accepted as active for exchange.
  • Stock, bonds or other types of traded equities governed by domestic or international entities.
  • Insurance or other types of financial vehicles.
  • Material or literature promoting illegal activities
  • Human body part(s)
  • Livestock, animals or pets
  • Animal remains  or parts
  • Items under the protection of any United States regulation

Any item deemed as:

  • Pornographic material
  • To be constituting child endangerment, abuse or neglect

Soonerbillz Trading Post reserves the right to modify this list without notice and any item found to be in violation will be removed. Any fees accrued for services rendered in accordance with administering this policy will be charged to the sellers account.





Soonerbillz Trading Post will assist in resolving any issues.

If you have a problem contact us at:

If any member should find themselves needing a Refund, Return or other matter resolved the first point of contact is with the partner member they have concluded a transaction with. Use the private message service to contact the member and try to work things out between yourselves before going any further. Most times a phone call or message will do the trick. Dispute communications between members should be conducted in a respectful, professional manner. Do not allow disputes to escalate to a level where communication becomes impossible. Threats, harassment or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 

 If it becomes impossible to find a satisfactory resolution Soonerbillz Trading Post will work with all parties to find a fair resolution to member disputes if  possible. If you paid for a service or item via Paypal you will need to follow Paypal procedures for disputes. Paypal will work with parties to gain a beneficial and fair resolution.      If you paid for a service or item via the Virtual Credit system or with the Escrow System Soonerbillz Trading Post will become the deciding party on all disputes and the decision for all escalated disputes will be handled and accessed in a fair and impartial manner by the Trading Post Dispute Resolution Team. 

Initial dispute messages and all resulting contact with Soonerbillz Trading Post must be sent to:


Listing Fees:

Soonerbillz Trading Post is very affordable for sellers.. Please find out on the Listing Fee Page